What are the Disadvantages of the Internet?

Trolls, cyberbullying, stalkers and crime The internet is an extensive playground for anyone and everything. The internet has seen numerous cases of cyberbullying when people decide to share some information about them which do not appeal to others and leads to a war of words. When sharing personal information online, you are giving opportunities to [...]

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Mind Blowing Facts About The Internet

The internet is commencing its middle age. Researches indicate that the internet is consisted of over a whopping amount of 47 billion websites. The internet has the record of its first website created from twenty-eight years ago. Other critical statistics indicate that a large proportion of the internet is composed of adult content websites containing [...]

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The Internet Never Forgets

We all love the internet. It is just out there, waiting to come to our rescue. Access to information, reaching out to people, online shopping, binge-watching series- you name it, and we have our precious Internet at our service round the clock. It is all very fascinating, to say the least. However, have you ever [...]

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