Trolls, cyberbullying, stalkers and crime

The internet is an extensive playground for anyone and everything. The internet has seen numerous cases of cyberbullying when people decide to share some information about them which do not appeal to others and leads to a war of words. When sharing personal information online, you are giving opportunities to stalkers as they can obtain personal information via numerous means. Moreover, the internet’s dark side or the dark web is a hub of illegal activities where criminals do not fear being caught for their fearsome crimes.

The spread of pornographic and violent images

The internet has an infinite number of content of which some can be beneficial in nature while others can be unwanted and potentially harmful. Often, users come across unwanted material when treading through online of which such content contain pornography and violent depictions.

Causes addiction, time wasting, and distraction


Many users tend to spend precious time whiling away playing games on the internet rather than doing something productive and beneficial in nature. Moreover, indulging in excessive online games and so on can cause severe tendencies of distraction from essential tasks at hand.

Never being able to disconnect from work

The internet serves as a useful mean of providing plenty of work for users. There is however a drawback to it as it often means doing work when you are not required to but still have to. You tend up getting notifications of pending work, irrespective of time and place.

Hacking, viruses and identity theft

Since the internet connects every computer to another, it, unfortunately, makes it easier for hackers to gain vital information and data by monitoring the weak and vulnerable computers. Hackers can gain access by inserting malicious content and once clicked and activated upon can give essential financial and personal details leading to identity theft cases.


Advertising and spam

The internet provides a global platform to advertise which no other traditional advertisement means such as newspaper, radio or TV can match. In addition to its free or cheap and easy capabilities to broadcast, it will result in substantial amounts of spam occurring, which can become inconvenient.

Affects patience and focus

Users are subject to ridiculous amounts of choices to choose from when surfing online. Getting hooked on this feature tends to divert concentration on essential matters often leading to impulsive emotions such as anger. You can redress such issues by spending time away from social media and online activities, instead focusing on productive activities such as exercise, gardening, etc.

Depression, loneliness and social isolation

Indulging and obsessing over other people’s lives in social media can take a toll on our minds and often lead to severe symptoms of loneliness, depression, and isolation from real friends and the outside world.