Keep your computer up to date

It is imperative you maintain your computer up to date with all the latest updates. Why? Updates are the newly revised versions of the applications capable of filling any security patches or downfalls the previous versions of the application. Often, updates can be a pain and inconvenience, but it is crucial in taking these updates seriously for keeping your computer up to date and away from the risk of any virus infections or attacks. You can switch on your auto updates which will allow the computer to run automatic updates when available.

Do not use the internet explorer


So why is it that professionals recommend avoiding using the internet explorer? The internet explorer, unfortunately, does not offer anywhere near the protection and quality of other various internet browsers such as Chrome, Opera or Firefox, regardless of its updates. To be safer, avoid browsing through internet explorer which offers very minimal protection against potential malware.

Back up your computer

This is a very crucial tip to bear in mind. If you possess an effective backup strategy, encountering a virus issue will not be much of a severe problem. Often when a computer gets affected by a virus attack, experts recommend formatting the operating system. Having your data backed up can make the formatting process easier.

Anti-virus basics


Remember that your computer requires only one quality anti-virus software to protect it from malware and to have more than single anti-virus software is undoubtedly a bad idea. For the installed anti-virus to be effective, it is vital to update the software from time to time. Enabling the auto-update function will be more convenient for you.

Avoid entering suspicious websites

When researching information on the internet, you are bound to come across millions of web pages providing said information. Remember to tread carefully on the web as it is a host to numerous websites containing potentially harmful content. You can take steps to avoid malicious content by keeping an eye out on the URL of the site.

Mandatorily scan email attachments

It is quite common to sustain virus attacks through opening emails containing harmful and malicious content. Often, hackers target their victims by sending emails with virus holding attachments, after being opened allow the hacker to gain access to the victim’s email account. Due to such scenarios, it is recommended to scan any email attachment regardless of who sends it.

Avail a malware scanner

Remember that anti-virus software and malware scanner are distinct and different from each other. Unlike anti-virus software, malware scanners are free of cost and thus can be availed for periodical scans.