Formulate complex passwords

One of the best advice you can determine to protect your vital personal and financial information. Creating complex and unique passwords for each of your personal accounts can minimize the risk of hacker’s gaining complete control of your all your accounts if the same password is issued for all such accounts. So, avoid reusing the same password for all accounts. Another additional tip is seeking the help of a password manager which can save and formulate complex passwords for your accounts.

Enhance your network security

The next step to pursue after securing your password login is setting up a secure source of internet connection. Often, at work and home, you avail encrypted and secured network connections. However, at public places avoid availing public Wi-Fi and internet connections as it provides hackers with relative ease to access your device and gain vital information present in it. Experts recommend availing a VPN or Virtual Private Network. It is a software capable of creating a secured source of internet connection enabling you to connect anywhere without fear.

Use a firewall

In addition to securing your network connection, for further protection, it is recommended to use a firewall. A firewall acts like a barrier as it defends and alerts the user of any unauthorized access to your device.  Quality system security software will typically include a comprehensive firewall.

Click smart

Hackers general tactics involve luring careless users by offering bait such as click here for free phone, congratulations you have won a million dollars, etc. Users are expected to be smart and avoid clicking carelessly on such websites that contain harmful or malicious content and can provide unrestricted access to your device. Keep an eye out for sites that seek personal information without any sufficient reason.

Be a selective sharer

Today, social media serves as a global platform to share personal information globally. Unfortunately, it is harmful as it can lead to identity theft, impersonation, etc. So, be selective of what you share, especially when it comes to personal information.

Protect your mobile


Handheld devices are equally prone to attacks from hackers. In order to prevent this, it is critical to install effective software security and avoid installing shady apps not recognized from the official app store.

Up to date software

Remember to allow all updates to take place on your computer as every update has better security and protection patches, better than its predecessor version. Switching on auto-update feature can allow easy updating of software without providing an inconvenience.

Keep your guard up

Remember to maintain caution when trading online particularly on what sites you click and what you share online. No matter what, do not forget to seek the services and protection of quality system security software. In addition, tend to regularly back up your data in case of any virus attack. Backing up your data can be an aid in restoring all your vital details and getting back on track with ease.


Practice safe surfing

When surfing through web avoid clicking on sites with misspelled words and poor grammar as these are general indications of scam websites. When indulging in transactions online ensure there is a padlock symbol in the URL as it represents that the site is secure and encrypts your data preventing any unauthorized access.