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Mind Blowing Facts About The Internet

By |February 14th, 2019|Categories: Internet|

  • The internet is commencing its middle age. Researches indicate that the internet is consisted of over a whopping amount of 47 billion websites. The internet has the record of its first website created from twenty-eight years ago. Other critical statistics indicate that a large proportion of the internet is composed of adult content websites containing pornographic content. Shutting down such pornographic sites will nearly lead to the entire shutdown of the internet.
  • Presently, there are over 3.58 billion users of the internet, globally. This figure nearly accounts for half of the global population. And amongst half of the internet users are situated in the Asian continent.
  • It is quite interesting to know the difference in figures between media collection from television and the internet. Statistical facts confirm that around 1.59 billion houses exist with television sets while an excess of 2 billion has access to the internet via smartphones.
  • Each year, approximately 269 billion amount of emails are sent through the World Wide Web. But among these large figures of emails sent, a substantial amount of emails are regarded as spam. Statistically speaking, over 86 percent of emails are considered spam through spam filters.



  • With a large amount of selfie obsession rocking humanity, a tremendous amount of photos are taken and shared via the internet. Records confirm that a minimum of 1 trillion photos is taken each year and uploaded on various social media platforms.
  • Did you know that YouTube has a record-breaking amount of users and subscribers? Eye-opening figures of over a billion users of YouTube exist. Amongst which, such figure nearly accounts for one-third of the entire internet users. YouTube confirms through its records that its users view over 6 billion hours of video every month. Ridiculous right?
  • Regarding online bandwidth consumption, YouTube takes up around 18 percent of entire online bandwidth. Netflix, on the other hand, consumes over 36 percent of online bandwidth.
  • Did you know that Facebook as a large user base of 1.86 billion users? If you were, to sum up, these users and accumulate them in a country, Facebook would become the most populous nation in the world. Research confirms that a typical person tends to spend a minimum of fifty minutes a day on social media platforms, all owned by Facebook.
  • Among the 90 billion app downloads a year, the most frequently used applications by a vast majority of the population are Facebook and Google.
  • However, all the information we know about the internet is a mere 4 percent of its total capabilities. The internet has a dark web which cannot be accessed through regular search engines and is a hub for all illegal activities including the sale of drugs, weapons, etc. most which are not for the faint-hearted.
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The Internet Never Forgets

By |February 9th, 2019|Categories: Internet|

We all love the internet. It is just out there, waiting to come to our rescue. Access to information, reaching out to people, online shopping, binge-watching series- you name it, and we have our precious Internet at our service round the clock. It is all very fascinating, to say the least. However, have you ever wondered about the prices that we pay to avail such services? No, I am not talking about our monthly Internet plans or Netflix subscriptions. The Internet is costing us our privacy, without even our slightest idea.  No amount of firewall and anti-malware protection can secure our virtual lives. Believe it or not, the internet is the biggest leak in our security.

We keep filling out information about ourselves, day in and day out, on social networking sites, e-forms and documents. Address, phone numbers, and other confidential information, in other words, our entire history, it is all there; but the question is, how secure are this information once we enter them? We upload photos that talk about our lives on Facebook and Instagram, and might even delete them if we feel like it. However, the question still begs, are they really ever erased from the Internet?


“Nothing is ever truly deleted”

There is reason enough to believe that once you fill in details about yourselves, browse something on the internet or upload a picture, it stays there for an indefinite period, even after you have deleted them. There is even reason enough to believe that “nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet.” This poses a serious question about our privacy. If all our information which was once uploaded on the internet cannot ever be deleted, then how safe are we? Anyone with hacking skills (and there are many) can break into our sensitive information and use them against us, for whatever reason. There are software and apps that can easily retrieve deleted photos of us.



What can be done to secure or delete confidential data from the Internet?

With constant news flowing in every day about the internet making us vulnerable to cyber crimes and data leaks, it is but normal to harbour feelings of insecurities. We have multiple social media accounts, and other online accounts where our information is stored and our pictures are uploaded. It is thus, natural to want to delete them all for good from the Internet in an attempt to stay protected. However, with the world evolving in leaps and bounds, it is nearly impossible to stay away from the World Wide Web phenomenon. We now need it for our survival; and in all honesty, trying to delete information about oneself permanently from the internet is but a fool’s errand. However, that does not mean that we should not adopt basic precautions and keep our guards low.


Deleting the browser history at regular intervals is a good way to start protecting oneself from cyber crimes. Our browser holds tremendous amounts of information about ourselves and our searches, which is why it is always advisable to clear the browser history. Next, you could use your antivirus protection software to turn off browsers from storing your personal data. The other way to keep yourself protected is by requesting Google to remove you from any searches that hold your personal information.

Thus, there are always ways to stay protected and armed in spite of all the cyber threats and security leaks around us. All that is required is awareness, tact, and patience.


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